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Gemar latex balloon store in Peabody, Massachusetts

Access a wide variety of options in latex balloons for decorations and bouquets.

Gemar latex balloon in Massachusetts, Peabody

Gemar latex balloons in Peabody, Massachusetts by color:
We have different options of balloons with customized shades and effects

These balloons are perfect for themed party decorations, birthday parties and nighttime events. Gemar neon balloons are very popular with teens and young adults, and are perfect for adding a touch of energy and fun to any event.

Gemar Crystal Balloons are transparent with a touch of color. Light refracts off these balloons in a special way, giving them a crystalline look - these balloons are perfect for any occasion! You can use them by themselves or combine them with other balloons to create stunning arrangements.

Gemar Shiny Balloons are an excellent choice if you want to add sparkle and elegance to your decorations. These balloons are available in a wide range of colors, from gold and silver to more vibrant colors like red and blue - they're perfect for themed party decorations like weddings, anniversaries, graduation parties and more!

Gemar metallic balloons are latex balloons with metallic finish, available in a wide variety of colors. These balloons are perfect for adding a touch of sparkle and sophistication to any event. Gemar metallic balloons are very popular for wedding decorations, birthday parties and corporate events.

Gemar Standard Balloons are ideal for parties and events of all kinds at Peabody. These balloons are available in a wide variety of colors, from pastels to brighter shades like red and blue, making them an inexpensive and versatile option for any party decoration!

Why choose Gemar balloons?
Your best choice when it comes to latex balloons

Gemar latex balloons are characterized by their high quality and durability.

These balloons are made with 100% natural latex, which makes them biodegradable and environmentally friendly. In addition, Gemar balloons are durable and can be inflated to a size of up to 3 feet without bursting. The wide variety of colors and designs available make them an excellent choice for any type of event.

Gemar latex balloons are a reliable choice for any balloon decoration and arrangement.

Make your parties shine with Gemar latex balloons at Peabody

With Gemar you can create personalized balloon sculptures, build balloon walls and columns, and design unique color palettes - explore all our options!

Gemar Shapes

Gemar's shapes have no limits!
Find stamped models, balloon hearts, balloon stars and create figures with our modeling balloons.

Our g-link balloons allow you to create custom walls, columns and decorations.
Buy by shape

Latex Balloons by size

Get everything from the smallest balloons, ideal for detailed and precise decorations, to the largest balloons, perfect for creating stunning arrangements and sculptures, Gemar offers a full range of sizing options.
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Latex balloon store by color in Massachusetts

Global Colors Gemar

From classic colors to the boldest shades, Gemar's Global Colors collection has everything you need to make your balloon decorations spectacular.
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Casa Fiesta Events:
Balloon Store in Peabody, MA

At our store, we offer a wide variety of Gemar latex balloons and foil balloons for your balloon decorations and arrangements.

In addition to balloons, we also offer party furniture rental services, including chairs, tables, tents and more. We are here to make your event special and memorable, and our expert staff is available to help you through every step of the planning process.

Our store is located in Peabody, MA, and our team of experts is committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. Whether you are planning a party, wedding, birthday or any other type of event, Casa Fiesta Events is your go-to store for everything related to latex balloons, foil balloons and furniture rentals.

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